The Grand River at Fulton

Mindfulness is a philosophy I try to live my life by.

Today was one of those very hectic days where my mind was consumed with my work and looming deadlines. I had to make a run to Kinkos for one last minute errand, so I decided to wait outside while the work was completed. It was my moment to try to regain some mindfulness. I took a look at the river and found this:


It was probably one of those things you had to be there for, but to me it was a nice surprise and reward for making time to enjoy the moment.

And the Venue is…


A special thank you to the owners of the Ledyard Building for hosting me in this year’s ArtPrize which begins September 19 in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. The contract is signed and I am locked in. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful space to hang my photographs (pictured above). It is the perfect fit!