The Kendall Building Update (now 616 Lofts)

In March of last year I wrote about the Kendall Building. It is located in the center of Grand Rapids, at the northeast corner of Fulton and Division. You can find the blog entry here.  

I had intended to post frequent updates about the building, but the construction area outside of the building was such a mess that it was hard to get near the place for quite a long time. I think my overall excitement about this project started to fade in September of last year when the sidewalks and park on this side of the street were literally gutted. For a while pedestrians had to walk out in the street to get around the mess.

Complaining aside, we now have a finished building that is really very beautiful. You’ll see from the photo in the first post that the civil war monument was actually moved to the center of the park, and all of the trees were replaced with benches and brick sidewalks.

Below are a few photos of the finished product as well as some comparisons of the Kendall Building’s transformation.






A photography journal

A photography journal

I find solace in photography. It is one thing I can do that is my own, and in being a photographer I am a better person. I got into photography as a young teen, and over the years I have experimented with many different versions of the photographic process. I’m still quite partial to analog photography. I never grow tired of the magical experience of seeing an image appear as I rock the paper the developing tray.

Above is a photograph of a new project I have just published. Along with my love of analog photography, I also love being organized. I have looked many places, but have never found a journal that works for my photographic needs. This book has solved my problem. I now have a book that I can keep all of my exposure information in. Also, there is space to write notes about the location I’m shooting in as well as what is happening around me in the world at that moment. So far, I am loving it.

If you are interested in this journal made especially for people just like you, click the photo for more information.

Wealthy Street


I am trying with great effort to get out of my winter funk, so I was happy meet up with a good friend of mine for dinner on Wealthy Street. I’ve mentioned Wealthy in the past. It is one of my favorite parts of Grand Rapids, and I lived in this area as a young, starving artist about 12 years ago. My old apartment is now a luxury condo. A lot if great local eateries continue to pop up on this Street and I love them all.