Sunny Drive Home

Sunny Drive Home


Fall in Northern Michigan

Fall in Northern Michigan

I took this about a month ago up on Mackinac Island. It was a 3 day weekend I had scheduled back in May. At the time I didn’t realize it was going to fall in the middle of a 12 day photo shoot that I was directing! Luckily, the photographer I was working with had another project for that same day and I was able to keep my weekend getaway in tact. This is a photo I took the last evening we were on the island. I have never been there in October. It was absolutely gorgeous. I think this may have to become an annual trip.

Visiting THE HUB – ArtPrize 2012

I stopped by the HUB today to pick up my artist name badge and swag bag. This is the second year that this building has been the HUB, but this year they have added an entire outdoor lounge where the street normally is. This is the center of all things ArtPrize. You register to vote here, shop for all of your ArtPrize goodies here, and also this is where they display the winning piece of art from last year. Let the fun begin. It is ArtPrize again. I can seriously feel the buzz of energy in this fine city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Typical Michigan Weather

I have been thinking about buying one of those little cameras that does stop motion video, but decided on the much cheaper alternative of a 99 cent iPhone app. I set my phone up while I was at lunch today and let it record what a pretty typical Michigan day is like as far as the weather goes. This time lapse is over about two hours. I was hoping to record until the sky cleared completely, but my battery died. Overall, I give this app a good grade. It is worth playing around with some more.