Morning visit to the Muskegon Museum of Art

The 2015 Post Card Salon Exhibition is on display now at the Muskegon Museum of Art.

The 2015 Post Card Salon Exhibition is on display now at the Muskegon Museum of Art. Image Copyright Kate Simons.

My daughter and I made the hour long trip up to Muskegon this morning to visit the Muskegon Museum of Art. This is the first year I have participated in their annual Post Card Salon, and I was interested to see what kind of art was on display. I overheard that there were over 800 post cards on display. The post cards go up for sale this coming Thursday, March 12 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Artists split the profits with MMA to help raise funds for the Museum. I liked this exhibit for a couple of reasons. It is an open, non-juried event that allows artists of all ages to participate. I am a big supporter of events that are inclusive. There is a positive energy and enthusiasm that you feel in the space. I saw such a huge variety of work, but the consistent size of each piece of 6 by 4 inches made for a great expanse of mini-tiles that fit together to create a larger body of work. I was particularly fascinated in some of the sweet little oil paintings of woodland animals as well as some pieces that were heavy in texture with textiles.

Image Copyright Kate Simons.

Image Copyright Kate Simons.

In addition to this exhibit I was excited to take in ‘The Art of the Brick’. This is a really enchanting exhibit by LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya which also featured some amazing photography by Dean West. My daughter and I are both in love with LEGOs, and I am not surprised by how inspired she was by this exhibit. She has been busily building LEGO sculptures since we got home.

Nathan Sawaya and Dean West collaborated to create this series, 'In Pieces'.

Nathan Sawaya and Dean West collaborated to create this series, ‘In Pieces’. Image Copyright Kate Simons

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was as much of a photography exhibit as a sculptural exhibit. Though the photographs were color, I could not help but to be moved by the overall melancholy feel of them. They were haunting and beautiful. They ached of loneliness yet they had this heightened surrealistic overtone due to the incorporation of everyday items made out of LEGOs.

Nathan Sawaya and Dean West 'In Pieces' Collection.

Nathan Sawaya and Dean West ‘In Pieces’ Collection.

Nathan Sawaya and Dean West 'In Pieces' Collection.

Nathan Sawaya and Dean West ‘In Pieces’ Collection.

‘The Art of the Brick’ runs through May 3rd at MMA. It is a great exhibit for all ages. There really is something for everyone.



ArtPrize has wrapped

What a great year it has been at The Women’s City Club this year. I am so honored to be a part of such a great venue which had 27,400 visitors for ArtPrize! Attendance for this venue was up 50% from last year. I see this as evidence that curator Fred Bivens has a great talent for assembling excellent art that speaks individually and as a body of work. This is the first show ever where I got a little misty as we were taking our work down. I have been humbled to be a part of a show with this caliber of artists. Not only do these people have amazing minds, I have found over the last couple weeks of getting to know them that they all have amazing hearts as well .


ArtPrize opening night

I had a wonderful evening at the Women’s City Club for the opening of ArtPrize 2014. This place was hopping with many art lovers, artists and media. It was so exciting to see the exhibit complete and also to meet some of my fellow exhibiting artists. I wasn’t terribly surprised when I learned that the two other artists I clicked with immediately are also photographers showing in the same part of the gallery as me. I really have a feeling that this year at ArtPrize is going to be the best yet.




ArtPrize hub sneak peek pics

The months of September and October are always my busiest of the year. I am just coming off of a week long photo shoot for the company I work full-time for, and this morning I was tying up some loose ends downtown.

I took the opportunity to take in the preview opening of the ArtPrize hub which was from 9-noon. My daughter came with me, and together we took it all in. A large store, early voter registration, free cider and donuts along with a gallery showing of the last two ArtPrize winning works of art… It was a lot going on in a small space, and it was excellent.

fabrikate portraiture

I often get asked if I do portraiture. The answer is yes, but I have found that it is very dependent on what else is going on in my life at that time. I’m trying to push myself to do more of this work. It is very rewarding, and I love to see the smiles on peoples’ faces when I show them the finished photographs.

Below are portraits from this morning. I do a yearly portrait of my daughter around her birthday. I was not surprised when she chose Lake Michigan. She is a natural when it comes to swimming, and who can resist the call of the lakeshore on a beautiful Sunday morning?


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fabrikate Photography Journal Now on Sale in Chicago!

fabrikate Photography Journal Now on Sale in Chicago!

The month of May has been good to me. In early June my journal for photographers, ‘observe’, will go on sale in Chicago at ShopColumbia, a boutique run by Columbia College Chicago. 623 S. Wabash. This store is full of cool stuff. Make some time to stop by next time you are in the area. (Photo courtesy of Columbia College Chicago)