An adventure in self publishing

My recently published field notebook for photographers.

Over the winter I had been feeling a strong lack of personal identity. Like many people my age, I work full-time and raise a child, which leaves little time for my own personal projects. That is how fabrikate came to be. I needed to do something that was selfishly just for me. I wanted to be able to nurture my ideas, think about them, change my mind if I wanted to, or make a quick decision all in my own head. I have to say that starting work on fabrikate has really made me feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Just this week, I got the first printed copies of my new book. All through college I took detailed photography notes for all of my classes in a lined notebook. I still have it. It is like a peek into my past, and to look at it shows my growth as I learned more about photography. My favorite entries are the ones where I not only took my technical notes, but wrote about other things that were happening when I was out photographing. It is really amazing to be able to not only refer to the way I made an image, but what I was feeling and what was going on around me at the time I took the photo too.

That is where the inspiration for my field notebook came from. I designed it for any photographer to be able to not only take the technical notes, but write other thoughts in it as well. As all photographers know, creating an image is so much more than walking around and pushing a button. Personal feelings often affect how we want to show our subject.

I encourage everyone to start thinking about these things when they are taking their next photo. You’ll find that it really brings the magic back to image making despite our instant, digital age.

I have this book for sale on my etsy site:


Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

I figured a fun way to begin the fabrikate blog is to post information on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. On april 24, 2011 anyone who makes a photograph using a pinhole camera can post it to the WPPD web site’s online gallery. More specific information can be found on the WWPD web site:

Anyone who knows me well already knows how I stumbled into pinhole photography. It is one of those stories that proves this was all meant to be. If you want to read about it check out the ‘about’ tab  on my web site:

And now for the EXCITING announcement! In recognition of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, I will be giving away one of my specially designed pinhole cameras to a lucky winner. The winner will be announced March 25th. I will ship it in time for the winner to be able to participate in WWPD (participation is optional for the winner). All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment. I will randomly draw from the names of all people who leave a comment from now until March 25.

Thanks for reading!